Manage Landing Pages

Landing pages are campaign-specific pages designed to convince visitors to do a certain action. 

Here are some common actions you may want your website visitors to take:

  • Request a quote
  • Download a guide
  • Send you a question
  • Schedule an appointment

These landing pages typically have a simple design to remove all distractions that may keep visitors from converting. Take a look at this example from Airbnb. 

The page design is simple to encourage visitors to click the Try Hosting button. 

This guide walks you through what landing pages are and how to use them on the AgentMethods platform. 


When Should I Use a Landing Page?

Any time you are directing someone to your site to take a specific action, you should consider using a landing page. This allows you to control the messaging, remove distractions, and optimize the layout to improve your success rate. 

Here are a few examples: 

Email campaigns - If you ever send out an email asking people to take action, you should link to a landing page.

Social media - Share landing pages for quotes, consultations, and informational giveaways via social media. It’s an easy way to get leads inexpensively. 

Search engine advertising and pay-per-click advertising- Online advertising is complicated and competitive. Make sure you are creating landing pages for each campaign to optimize your conversion rate and get the best return for your advertising dollar. 

Response to direct mail- Don’t put your home page on direct mail. Instead, direct them to a landing page. This allows you to better track response rates and improves your results.

Landing Pages for Campaigns

Because landing pages are targeted for a specific action, they are a great way to measure the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. 

When creating a marketing campaign, create campaign-specific landing pages and forms. That way, you can view isolated pageviews and form submissions that are directly a result of that particular campaign. 

Create a specific landing page for each new marketing campaign. That way, you'll be able to measure which marketing campaigns perform the best!

Create a Landing Page

Create Landing Page Section

To keep track of all your landing pages in the same place, we recommend creating a dedicated website section for them. 

Use this guide to create a new section on your website. To hide this section from your main website navigation, toggle on Hide from Public Menu on the pop-up. 

You can now create all of your landing pages within this website section. 

Add a Landing Page 

Next, you can begin creating landing pages. Reference this guide on how to add a new page from the AgentMethods library. 

Select Landing Pages from the category dropdown menu. 

The AgentMethods library includes a few landing page templates that you can customize for your specific marketing campaign. 

You can also design your own landing page from scratch using our Landing Page template. Click here for our guide on adding a page from templates. 

Landing Pages Tips

Use Short URLs

Use the Page Settings area of your landing page to create an easy-to-remember URL for the page. You can make this relevant to your campaign - such as "" or "". 

Keep Your Forms Short 

Ask for as little information as possible on your forms. Visitors will be more likely to complete simple forms as opposed to complex ones! 

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