Add a Call to Action

The Call To Action component is a unique button that encourages users to take an action on your website 

Here is a video showing you how to add the "Call To Action" component to a page on your website. They can link to a landing page, external web address, phone number, and more. 

This guide will cover how to quickly set up and begin using this component


Video Walkthrough

Add a Call to Action

Start by opening the page you'd like to edit within the website builder. You can do so by clicking the pencil icon to the right of the page name.

Once you're in the page editor, click on the area in which you'd like to add the component. A green outline will appear. 

Click on + Component button where you'd like to add your new component. 

 then select Call to Action from the components menu which appears. Select the style of Call to Action which you would like to insert. 

The component will be automatically added to your website page. You can edit the text to your liking, as well as adjust the size of the button. 

To edit the button content, click on the button and select the chain icon which appears. 

This will open a pop-up box to edit your button link. From here, you can update the button text, and choose where the button will take users if they click on it. 

Choose whether you'd like to link to another page component, a different website page, an external website, or connect the link to your email or phone number. 

  • Page - Select another page on your site.
  • Web address - Enter a URL of a page anywhere on the Internet. 
  • Email address - Add an email address that clicking on the link will send email to. You can optionally include a CC address and email subject.
  • Phone number - Create a click-to-call link that will call this phone number. 

Note: For "Page" and "Web address" you can set links to open in a new tab. 

Fill in the required information, then click the green Save button to save your changes.

Be sure to Publish the page to take your changes live.

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