Integrate with AgencyBloc

We're excited to announce AgentMethod's new integration with AgencyBloc! 🎉

AgencyBloc is an agency management system that helps insurance agents secure and grow their business with an industry-specific CRM. Paired with the power of AgentMethod's marketing tools, you can quickly convert leads and manage existing clients to grow your business. 

By integrating AgencyBloc with your AgentMethods account, you can: 

  • Import and update your AgencyBloc contacts in Agentmethods
  • Automatically assign lead follow-ups to AgencyBloc users
  • Trigger automations within AgencyBloc from leads on your website 
  • See AgentMethods marketing activity within AgencyBloc

Sync your contacts across platforms and keep up to date on what your leads are doing, when they're doing it! This helps you make smarter decisions and ensure no leads "fall through the cracks".


Set Up AgencyBloc Integration

Start by clicking the Integrations tab on the far left navigation within the AgentMethods platform. Then, click the black Settings button within the AgencyBloc integration box. 

This will open the AgencyBloc integration settings. Toggle "on" the AgencyBloc toggle switch at the top of your page. When the button is toggled to green, it is activated. 

Next, scroll down to Connection Settings. You will need to retrieve your "AgencyBloc SID" and "AgencyBloc Key" by contacting the AgencyBlog client success team at or 866-338-7075

We need these two pieces of information in order to authenticate your account with AgencyBloc. 

Once you have these items, paste them in the associated boxes. 

Then, click the green Save and Import Contacts button to save your integration settings. 

You can find more details what information is sent to and from AgencyBloc on the AgencyBloc knowledge base.

Import Contacts

Once you successfully set up the integration, AgentMethods will configure the contacts integration based on your specific AgencyBloc settings. This generally takes a few seconds but in some cases may take up to a couple of hours. 

You will receive an email from AgentMethods when your integration is fully configured and ready to use.

Then, reload your AgencyBloc Integration page within AgentMethods. You'll see a new Import Settings section appear on this page. 

Here, you can choose the segments of leads hat you'd like to import from AgencyBloc to your AgentMethods account. 

You can filter leads by checking boxes in the following categories: 

  • Contact Type: What types of contacts would you like to import?
  • Contact Status: What is the lead status of this contact? For example, you may not want to email clients about auto-enrollment if their status is currently "not enrolled". 
  • Contact Servicing Agent: You can choose to only import contacts from certain AgencyBloc agents. 

Once you've filtered down the contacts that you'd like to import, press the green Save and Import Contacts button again.

Note: Contacts will not be imported until you press the Save and Import Contacts button again

If you head to the Contacts tab, you'll now see your AgencyBlock contacts automatically populate. 

Click on an individual contact, and you'll see plenty of useful information about the contact, including tags matching the policy types tracked under the contact in AgencyBloc. You can use these tags to segment out your AgentMethods email marketing campaigns.  

Update Contacts

While the steps above will import your contacts into AgentMethods, they will not continuously update. If you add contacts or edit a contact description in AgencyBloc, this will not update automatically in AgentMethods. 

To keep your contacts up to date, head to the AgencyBloc integration page every so often, scroll down, and click the green  Save and Import Contacts button.

That's it! Your contacts will quickly be updated inside of AgentMethods. 

Edit Integration Export Settings

The import settings collect valuable contact information from AgencyBloc and adds it to your AgentMethods account. 

However, this integration is bidirectional, which means that AgentMethods also sends marketing information to AgencyBloc about contact activity.

Within AgencyBloc, you can see if a client has read your newsletter, visited your website, and more. 

This will be visible in the "Activities" tab of your AgencyBloc Contact profile.  

You can edit which information you'd like to send by scrolling to  Export Settings to edit the information you would like to send to AgencyBloc. 

You can send AgencyBloc: 

  • New lead form submissions 
  • Other marketing activity data (email, website, and other social media activity)

Assign a User for Follow-Ups

You can also assign AgencyBloc users to automatically follow up with your new AgentMethods leads. 

To do so, start by clicking the gray Add User button. 

Then, enter the name and AgencyBloc user ID for the user you'd like to add. 

See this guide on how to find an AgencyBloc user ID. 

Then, click the green Save and Import contacts button to save your changes. 

Now, whenever a new lead is created through your AgentMethods website, a lead record will be created in AgencyBloc as well. The user you specified will be assigned within AgencyBloc to follow up with the lead. 

Take a look at this new lead who filled out a form on an AgentMethods website. 

Immediately, an identical contact is created in your AgencyBloc account. A Follow-Up User is created under the Activities tab of this contact. 

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