Segment Contacts

As your email list grows, you may not want to send every marketing campaign to all of your contacts. For example, you might want to send Medicare related campaigns only to your customers over 65.

Segments help you categorize your contacts by specific criteria. You can break your list up into segments by added tags to contacts, and then select which tags you want an email campaign to go to. 

AgentMethods has a very flexible tagging system that makes it easy to segment your campaigns and make sure the right person gets your email campaigns. Here's how to put them to work. 


Create Tags

Start by thinking about the tags that you'd like to use for your contacts list. Tags are labels you can use to categorize or "segment" contacts.  A few common ways to segment lists include:

  • Product line such as Life Insurance, Medicare, or P&C
  • Customer type such as consumer or business
  • Location, such as state or city

Once you know which tags you'd like to use (you can always add more!),  click the Contacts tab in the left-hand menu of your AgentMethods platform, then click the green Tags button on the far right of your screen. 

This will open the tags page. Here, you'll see a list of all your contacts tagsl If you haven't yet added tags to your contacts list, this page will be blank. 

To add a new tag, click the black Add Tag button on the top right of your screen. 

A pop-up will appear. Type in the label for this new tag, then click the green Save button.

That's it! Your tag has been created. Repeat the above process to create as many tags as you would like. You can now use these tags to segment your contacts.

Tagging Your Contacts

Tag Individual Contacts

Once you create your tags, you can add them to a contact. 

Head to the  Contacts page

Find the contact you'd like to unsubscribe using the  Search Contacts search bar. 

When you find the contact you'd like to edit. Click the Modify icon. 

A pop-up box will appear. At the bottom of the pop-up box, there will be a Tags dropdown menu. 

Select the tag(s) you would like to assign to this contact, then click the green  Submit button to save your changes. 

You can also tag multiple contact at once, by selecting them on the contacts page checkbox, then clicking the black Add Tags button. This will open a pop-up to assign tags to your selected contacts. 

Be sure to click the green Save button to save your changes!

Tag an Entire Import

The easiest way to tag many contacts at once is through the Import tool. This allows you to tag an entire import of contacts at once.

Start by clicking Contacts in the left-hand navigation on the platform to head to your contacts page. 

Then, select Imports from the top of your page. 

Click the green checkbox next to the imports that you would like to tag. Then, click the black Add tags button. 

This will open a pop-up to assign tags to your selected contacts. 

Select the tags you'd like to assign, then be sure to click the green  Save button to save your changes!

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