Integrate with Radius CRM

Radius makes a powerful lead management, CRM, and marketing automation system for insurance agents and agencies. If you use Radius, you can have new leads from your AgentMethods website sent directly to your Radius account. 


Set Up Your Radius CRM Integration

Step 1: Get your Radius API Key and Radius Unique Account URL

You need these two pieces of information to set up your AgentMethods website.

Radius API Key: “AgentMethods”

Radius Unique Account URL: This is the location you go to log in to your Radius account, in the format of "". For example, it may be "".

Step 2: Add your Radius Key and URL to your AgentMethods Account

Once you have these two pieces of information handy, you can add them to your AgentMethods account. You do this by adding Radius tracking to individual contact lead forms. 

First, navigate to the  Contact Forms tab within the website section of the AgentMethods platform.

A list of all your form templates will appear. Select the form you'd like to add Radius tracking to, then, click the   Modify Form icon. 

Once you're on this page, click on the   Form Settings tab. 

Scroll down to the CRM Integration section, and select "Radius" from the dropdown menu. 

Next, set up your integration keys by clicking the yellow --set-- text to the right of the Radius API Key and Radius Account sections. 

This will open a pop-up. Input your API key code and Account URL in the Radius section. When you've finished, click the green Update settings button to save your changes. 

Set Custom Radius Fields

If you have custom fields set up in Radius, you can directly match them to form fields from AgentMethods. 

To do this, make sure your AgentMethods field names are exactly matched to Radius field names. 

For example, if you have fields for "Make", "Model", and "Year" in Radius, adding fields to the form with those exact same names will have them be saved correctly in Radius.

Change Radius Lead Settings

When importing AgentMethods leads into Radius, you may want to assign lead status, temperature, or an agent to each lead. 

To do this, head to the Form Fields section of your form, then select Radius Fields under Field Types. 

Next, set your preferences for how you'd like each new lead to be assigned to your Radius account. 

Don't have a Radius account? Learn more and try it out for free at

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