Integrate your insurance website with Radius CRM

Radius makes a powerful lead management, CRM, and marketing automation system for insurance agents and agencies. If you use Radius, you can have new leads from your AgentMethods website sent directly to your Radius account. Here's how to set it up:

Step 1: Get your Radius API Key and Radius Unique Account URL

You need these two pieces of information to set up your AgentMethods website.

Radius API Key = “AgentMethods”.

Radius Unique Account URL - This is the location you go to log in to your Radius account, in the format of "". For example, it may be "".

Step 2: Add your Radius Key and URL to your AgentMethods Account

Go to the Customize Contact Forms page in the AgentMethods dashboard, then click on the orange "Settings" button. Enter the two pieces from Step 1 in the window and click "Update Settings". You can ignore other fields in the settings window - they are for other integrations.

Additional Options

If you have custom fields set up in Radius, you can write to them as long as the form field name matches the custom field name in radius. For example, if you have fields for "Make", "Model", and "Year" in Radius, adding fields to the form with those same names will have them be saved correctly in Radius.

To set lead status, assign an agent, or assign coverage type from a form on your website, add a hidden field with the name of the field you want to set and the value you want to set it to. Hidden fields are found when editing a form under "General Fields". For example, to set a status as "New Lead", create a hidden field with the name "Status" and the value "New Lead".

Don't have a Radius account?

Learn more and try it out for free at

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