Add Your Logo

Add your logo to your website in seconds! This goes a long way in customizing your website and making your brand feel polished.

Video Walkthrough

Upload Your Logo 

To upload a custom logo to your website, start by logging into your AgentMethods account. Click the user icon at the top right of your page. 

A dropdown list will appear. Select Profile Personalization. 

This will bring up your Profile Personalization page. Scroll down to the Profile Details section. There, you'll see a field to upload your logo. 

Click the Choose File button, and upload your logo from your device. 

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click the green Save button to save your changes. 

Tips: Logo Size

Wider logos tend to work better than tall or square logos. 

If you have a tall logo, try adding the name of your agency to the right of the logo to better fit within the available space.  

We recommend the following ideal logo dimensions: 

  • For just the logo: 180x60 pixels, or a ratio of 3:1 (and larger than 180x60). 
  • For logo with company name: 350x80, or about 4:1.
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