Edit Your Site Header

The top part of your site is a consistent section of the page that helps users know where they are and navigate through your site's content. This section is called the "header". Here's a screenshot of a website where the header is outlined in the dotted red line:

Your Header can be edited in a few different ways, depending on what you'd like to edit. 


Change Your Header Content 

Your Header business content is automatically generated from information on the Profile Personalization page. To access this page, start by clicking the user icon at the top right of your page. 

A dropdown list will appear. Select Profile Personalization. 

This will bring up your Profile Personalization page. From this page, you can edit the following Header features:

  • Logo (If your logo contains your business name and tag line, you can select to hide them)
  • Business Name
  • Tag Line 
  • Contact Numbers (you can add multiple numbers and customize the labels)
  • Utility Navigation (this is the smaller top navigation)

Make changes, then click the green  Save button at the bottom of the page to save your changes. 

Edit Your Navigation

Your website navigation can be edited through the Manage Pages section of the website builder. For more detailed instructions on editing your website navigation, click here.

Change Dropdown Menu Visibility/Make Header Sticky

For this, you'll want to head to your Site Settings page. Start by clicking Website in the left-hand navigation of the AgentMethods platform. 

This will take you to the website builder! From here, simply click on Site Settings on the top navigation bar. 

You'll be redirected to the site settings page. Scroll down to the Header section. 

You'll see options for customizing your website header. 

Hide Dropdown Menu

By toggling this switch, you will hide the dropdown menu in your site's navigation bar. 

Make Header Sticky

By toggling this switch, you will keep the header of your website in the same place as a user scrolls down the page. That way, a website visitor won't have to scroll to the top of the page to see your site header. 

After making your changes, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the green Save Site Settings button to make sure your changes are saved. 

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