An Introduction to Visitor Alerts

Imagine if you could call at just the right time, every time with your prospects…

Ever called one of your leads and had them say, “I was just thinking about you.” Remember how much easier it was to close clients when they were ready to buy. Imagine if every call was like this… Selling insurance would be a whole lot easier!

With AgentMethods new Visitor Alerts feature, your follow-up calls just got much easier. 

Now, every time a prospect visits your AgentMethods site, opens one of your newsletter, or interacts with you on social media you get an alert telling you who is visiting what. 

You’ll get this notification through text and email, so you’ll always know exactly when your prospect is ready to buy.

When you get the alert you can make a perfectly timed follow-up call later in the day, or send just the right follow-up email at the right time. Visitor Alert makes following up with your prospects a painless process.

Sounds great? It is! 

Here's a bit about how it works:

How do visitors get tracked?

In order for a visitor alert to be triggered, we first have to identify a visitor. We do this a few different ways. The most common way is through your email newsletter. When a visitor clicks on a link in your email newsletter, we are able to identify them based on the email the newsletter was sent to. The second most common way is through a lead form. When someone fills out a form, we tie all of the information they submit to their profile so it can be included in future alerts. 

Once a visitor is identified, we set a cookie on their browser. Then, when they return to your website, we are able to trigger an alert. 

How do I get more visitors tracked?

The more visitors tracked, the more valuable visitor alerts are. Over time, as more and more people interact with your website, you should see more and more visitor alerts. There are two ways to speed up the process:

1. Use our email newsletter. Make sure you upload as many contacts as possible and keep your newsletter packed with engaging content. The more people that receive and click on your newsletter, the more people are tracked with Visitor Alerts.

2. Find creative ways to use the forms on your website. Quote forms are great, but other forms may get a better response. Use forms to give away information such as ebooks, guides, and pdfs. Create customer surveys and pre or post meeting info request forms (and email links to people before and after meetings). Set up a feedback form.  

Where does the information come from?

Right now, we only use information that has been provided to us. While we may be able to merge bits of data with other information, we want to make sure we don't cross any privacy lines. We'll continue to monitor the privacy rules and technology to make sure you get the best solution. 

How do I get notified?

Visitor Alerts are sent via email and optionally via text message. But you first have to turn them on. To do so, go to your AgentMethods control panel and click on "Visitor Alerts", then select "settings". 

How do I get Visitor Alerts?

Visitor Alerts are included in Professional and Ultimate plans. If you already have an account, you can upgrade here.  If you need an account, you can sign up for a free trial here.

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