Manage Visitor Alerts

Ever called one of your leads and had them say, “I was just thinking about you!”? Remember how much easier it was to close those clients?

With AgentMethods new Visitor Alerts feature, your follow-up calls just got much easier. 

Now, every time a prospect visits your AgentMethods site, opens one of your newsletters, or interacts with you on social media you get an alert telling you who is visiting what. 

You’ll get this notification through text and email, so you’ll always know exactly when your prospect is ready to buy. You'll be able to make a follow-up call or send a sales email at perfectly timed moments. 

This covers all about Visitor Alerts: what they are, and how to set up and use them. 


About Visitor Alerts

How are Visitors Tracked?

Every time a potential lead signs up for your newsletter or submits a lead form, we keep a record of them in our system. Once a visitor record is created, we can set a cookie in their browser to track their activity on your website. 

That way, when they return to your website we know who they are and their past activity with your business! 

How do I Track More Visitors?

The more visitors you're able to track, the more valuable visitor alerts are. Over time, as more and more people interact with your website, you should see more and more visitor alerts. There are two ways to speed up the process:

1. Use our email newsletter. Make sure you upload as many contacts as possible and keep your newsletter packed with engaging content. The more people that receive and click on your newsletter, the more people are tracked with Visitor Alerts.

2. Find creative ways to use the forms on your website. Use forms to give away information such as ebooks, guides, and pdfs. Create customer surveys and pre or post-meeting info request forms (and email links to people before and after meetings). Set up a feedback form.  Every time a lead fills out a form on your website, they'll be enrolled in visitor alerts. 

Where Does Visitor Information Come From?

We only include visitor information that has been provided to us (name, email, etc). 

While we may be able to merge bits of data with other information, we want to make sure we don't cross any privacy lines. We'll continue to monitor the privacy rules and technology to make sure you get the best solution. 

Set Up Visitor Alerts 

To adjust your Visitor Alerts settings, start by logging into your AgentMethods account. 

Click on the Settings icon on the far right of the page. 

A pop-up window will appear with your Visitor Alerts settings. Here, you can customize how you receive visitor alerts, and where to send alerts to (such as your phone or email). 

Edit your settings, then press the green Save button to save your changes. 

Managing Tracked Visitors

If there are specific visitor (such as yourself or a test user) that you don't want to receive notifications from, you can turn off alerts individually. 

From the Visitor Alerts section of your dashboard, click Show Tracked Site Visitors. 

Find the visitor that you'd like to stop tracking and uncheck the box next to their name. Alerts will no longer come in for this users.

Feel free to reach out to for any additional questions. We are here for you!

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