Add Goodies Forms

Lead Pop-ups or Goodies can help you generate up to 20x more leads from your insurance website

These Goodies forms are short, customizable messages that appear on your homepage or any section of your website. 

You can offer free resources like blogs or guides in exchange for a visitor's email address. And once you get that email address, you're in business, baby. 

We'll send you a Visitor Alert that immediately notifies you if that prospect comes back to your site, interacts with your social media, or clicks a link in your email newsletter — so you can reach out to them personally at exactly the right time. 


Video Walkthrough

Create a Goodies Form 

Start by clicking on the Website tab on the left navigation, then select Goodies from the header menu. 

Click the green box titled New Lead Pop-Up.

This will open the Goodies editor where you can customize your lead pop-up. 

Here, you can edit items like: 

Placement: Where on the visitor's screen do you wantyour lead form to pop up?


Message: What message do you want your goodie to include?

Avatar: Add a profile to the sender identity

Response fields: What information do you want to collect from your visitors?

Add Success Messages: Create a message to appear after a lead submits their form 


Here you can edit which pages your pop-up appears on, as well as any emails you would like to send to new leads after they submit the Goodie form. 

When editing your Goodie form, required fields are marked with a red asterisk*. 

Once you're happy with your form, click the green Submit button at the bottom of the page to save your changes. 

Be sure to test out the form by viewing your website pages live! 

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