Integrate with Lead Advantage

Lead Advantage's CRM system helps simplify your sales process and quickly take your prospects from lead to enrollment.  If you use Lead Advantage, you can have new leads from your AgentMethods website forms sent directly to your Lead Advantage account. 


Set Up Your Lead Advantage Integration

Step 1: Get your Lead Advantage ID 

To set up your Lead Advantage Integration, you'll need to first retrieve your account IDs from Lead Advantage. 

Retrieve the following information from your Lead Advantage Account. If your account doesn't have all this info, that's ok, just find what you can. 

  • Lead Agent ID
  • Lead Account ID
  • Lead User ID 

Step 2: Add your Lead Advantage ID to your AgentMethods Account

Once you have your account ID handy, you can add them to your AgentMethods account. You do this by adding Lead Advantage tracking to individual contact lead forms. 

First, navigate to the Contact Forms tab within the website section of the AgentMethods platform.

A list of all your form templates will appear. Select the form you'd like to add Lead Advantage tracking to, then, click the Modify Form icon. 

Once you're on this page, click on the Form Settings tab. 

Scroll down to the CRM Integration section, and select "Lead Advantage" or "Lead Advantage Pro" from the dropdown menu depending on your Lead Advantage subscription. 

Next, set up your integration keys by clicking the yellow --set-- text to the right of Lead Agent ID. 

This will open a pop-up. Input your Lead Advantage information in the appropriate boxes. When you've finished, click the green Update settings button to save your changes. 

Map Lead Advantage Pro Fields 

If you have Lead Advantage Pro account, you can map the form fields to Lead Advantage fields. 

Select "Lead Advantage Pro" from the CRM integration dropdown, then input your Lead Account ID and Lead User ID.

Next, click on the gray Map Lead Advantage Pro Fields button. 

A pop-up will appear. For each of the Lead Advantage Pro fields listed, select a corresponding field on your form. This will determine how your new lead information gets imported into Lead Advantage. 

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