Adding a downloadable file to your site

Step 1: Under the Website Tab, go to Contact Form 

Step 2: We have a form called Free Guide that is easy to customize for this purpose. Edit the form to meet your needs

Step 3: Upload your guide, brochure or document

  1. Select Form Settings in the right corner
  2. Check the Add to Contacts Field If capture the information in your Admin Panel
  3. Check the Let Visitors download a file filed
  4. Upload your file, brochure or document.

Step 4: Once you are satisfied with your new form, click Save Contact Form in the right hand corner

Step 5: Create your page for the new guide Identify in what navigation section of your website you want the guide to reside. Create a page.  Depending on your site, you can create a new section just for this guide. Once the page is created you can also add it to the Learn More section.

Don't forget to save your work

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