How To Embed Calendly On Your Website

If you're excited about the prospect of clients being able to schedule appointments with you, directly on your website, then you should consider embedding Calendly to your website! This allows prospects to automatically book a time to meet with you without endless phone calls and emails. 


Embed Calendly on Your Website

Step 1: Create a Calendly Account

Sign up with Calendly , then make sure to connect this account with your Google or Outlook Calendar. If you want to enable video conferencing, you'll also need to connect with a Zoom account. 

Once your Calendly account is configured correctly, you're ready to embed it onto your AgentMethods website. 

Step 2: Copy Your Calendly Embed Code

Next, you'll need to find and copy your Calendly Embed code. 

Visit the  Event Types tab on your Calendly Home page. Find the team or user whose landing page you'd like to share. Select the gear icon and then select Add to Website. Then, choose the type of embed that you prefer and adjust the appearance to fit your site.

Copy the embed code to your website clipboard. 


Step 3: Embed on Your Website

Next, navigate to the page on your site where you'd like to embed the scheduler. You can add it to any text box: either on an existing page, or on a new blank page you create.  

 Click into the text area to open the editor, then click on the  Insert/Edit media icon in the toolbar. It looks like this:

A popup window will appear. Paste your code in the Embed tab, then click Save to save your changes. Your Calendly calendar will now appear on your website! 

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