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Powered by Great AEP,  Scheduler provides automated scheduling for insurance agents. When busy enrollment periods hit, it can be challenging to keep track of clients and find time to meet with them. Great AEP allows you to spend your valuable time making sales, rather than endless scheduling during open enrollment periods. 

Great AEP's features include: 

  • Pre-built cross marketing campaigns for enrollment periods
  • Online appointment booking– no back and forth needed. 
  • Automatic SOA form collection and storage 

If you have a Great AEP account, you can link it to AgentMethod's scheduling tool! This provides you with a few benefits:

  • Single Sign On - Once you login to AgentMethods, you can click directly to your Great AEP account without having to enter your username and password. 
  • Send leads from forms to Great AEP campaigns - You can set up form submissions to from your website to go directly to Great AEP where they are entered into a Great AEP scheduling campaign
  • Leverage Great AEP as an autoresponder - Use Great AEP's automated email and text message campaigns to automatically respond to new leads. These responses provide instant follow up and allow you to create long, multi-step campaigns to keep leads engaged.
  • Add Appointment Scheduling to your website - Use Great AEP's scheduler to allow your contacts to schedule appointments with you without any back-and-forth

Set Up Great AEP Integration

Start by clicking the Scheduler tab on the far left navigation within the AgentMethods platform. 

Click the green Connect button on the Great AEP section of the Scheduler tab. 

This will redirect you to your Great AEP login page. Type in your email and password, then click Log in. 

If you are already logged into Great AEP, the page will automatically refresh.

Follow the prompts that appear, agreeing to link your Great AEP account to AgentMethods. 

You'll then be redirected to your AgentMethods account. When you go back to the Scheduler screen, you'll now see that the green Connect button has turned to a red Disconnect button. This means you've successfully connected the apps! 

Send Leads from Any Form to a Great AEP Campaign

 With the Great AEP integration, you can instantly enroll new website leads into a Great AEP campaign. No more missed follow-ups or leads slipping between the cracks! 

First, navigate to the   Contact Forms tab within the website section of the AgentMethods platform.

A list of all your form templates will appear. Select the form you'd like to forward to Great AEP, then, click the Modify Form icon. 

Once you're on this page, click on the Form Settings tab. 

Scroll down to the Great AEP Integration dropdown menu. 

A dropdown menu will appear with all your eligible Great AEP campaigns. Choose the campaign you'd like to forward leads to.

A pop-up window will appear. Map the fields from your current form onto the Great AEP required fields. When you've finished, click the blue Save and Continue button. 

When you've finished, click the green  Save Contact Form button to save your changes. 

Now, any submissions to that form will be sent to the corresponding campaign in Great AEP.

Tip! We recommend creating a Great AEP campaign to automatically respond to any new website lead. This way, you'll never worry about missing a lead or responses "falling through the cracks". 

Add Appointment Scheduling to Your Website

You can easily add your Great AEP scheduling page to your AgentMethods website to let website visitors schedule an appointment with you. That's right– no more emailing back and forth to set an appointment time! 

You can: 

  • Automatically capture lead information
  • Schedule with them 
  • Have your lead complete and store an SOA form prior to your appointment 

Here's how an embedded scheduling page would look on your website. Watch the video to see the functionality of Scheduler in action! 

Step 1: Copy Your Campaign Great AEP Embed Code 

Start by logging into your Great AEP account 

Click the Campaigns tab in the top navigation. 

Find the campaign you'd like to embed on your website, then click to View. the campaign. 

Scroll to the bottom of the campaign page, and find the box titled Embed Booking Page. Copy the text in the box. 

Want to embed your main, top-level booking page instead? Head to the Profile tab of your Great AEP account. 
From the profile page, find the section titled Embed Top Booking Page. Copy the embed code in the box below. 

Step 2: Add Your Embed Code to AgentMethods

Once you have your embed code, head back to the AgentMethods platform. 

Click on the Website tab, then click the green Manage Pages button. 

Find the website section that you'd like to add a page to. Then, click the black Add Blank Page button to create your page. 

Input the page settings for your new page (title, description, etc), then click the green Save button to save your changes. 

If you'd prefer to input these details later, click Cancel instead. 

On your blank page, click the + New Component box. 

A list of components will appear. Click the Text Box component and select one of the text box styles that appear (it doesn't matter which style you choose, you'll delete the text anyways). 

Your text box will now appear on your blank page. Use the text editor to delete all of the text inside of the box. 

Next, click the Embed icon on the text formatting box. 

A pop-up will appear. Click the Embed tab, and insert your copied embed code in the box. 

Then, click the green Save button to save your changes. 

Your embedded scheduling page will now populate on your new page. Don't forget to click the green Publish button to publish your changes! 

Your new scheduling page is now active. You can link to this page from any place on your website to direct leads to schedule with you. 

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