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Each section on your main navigation can house pages in a dropdown menu. For example, here is a dropdown menu on a live website. Each of the items listed is its own page. 

Here is how that dropdown menu corresponds to individual sections and pages within the website builder. 

In this guide, we'll cover how to manage individual pages within a section's dropdown menu. 

Add a Page

To add a new page to a section, select one of the three options on the right side of the pages area.

Add a Blank Page

If you would like to build a page entirely from scratch, select this option. However, most of our clients prefer to add a page from the pre-existing content library. 

Add Page From Library 

Select this option to instantly add a page from AgentMethod's exhaustive content library. You can use the dropdown menu on the right side of the page to filter your options by topic. 

To Preview a page, click the eye icon on the right side of a page title. To add a page to a section, click the plus icon. 

Add a Page from Templates 

If you'd like to customize a page significantly but don't want to build it from scratch, add a content, landing, or Epro page from templates. 

Edit & Delete Pages

To edit or delete a page that already exists, simply click the pencil or garbage icon to the right of the section title. 

Move Pages

You can easily change the order that certain pages and sections show up in your website's navigation.

Move Pages Within the Same Section

If you'd like to change the order of how your pages appear in the dropdown menu of the same section, use the box icon on the right of a page title to drag and drop the order of your pages. 

For example, take a look at the "Contact Us" page below. Using this feature, you can move this page to anywhere else in the navigation of section (for example, below "Get a Quote").

Move Pages To a Different Section

You can also move a page to an entirely new section of your website.

Please Note

When moving a website page to a new section, the URL of your page will change.

For example, becomes

Important notes about moving pages between sections:

  • Two pages in a section cannot have the same name
  • Blog pages cannot be moved to non-blog sections (and non-blog pages cannot be moved into a blog section).

Move a Page to a New Section From the Page Manager

You move a page to an entirely different section of your website.

To do this from the Page Manager, select the box icon to the left of the page, and drag it to the new section you'd like to move the page to.

When moving a page to a new section of your website, a confirmation popup will appear. If you'd like to proceed with moving the page, click "OK". The page will now appear under the new section of your website.

Move a Page to a New Section From Page Settings

You can also change a page's section from within the Page Settings editor. This can be helpful if you are already editing a specific page of your website.

From the website builder of the page you'd like to move, click the Page Settings icon at the top of the page.

A pop-up will appear. Under the Navigation Section field, select from the dropdown the section that you'd like your page to move to. Click the green Save button to save your changes.

Hide Page Dropdown Menu 

If you'd like to hide the dropdown menus from your main navigation altogether, you can do so on the Site Settings page. 

Click on Website on the left-side menu, and then select Site Settings:

Scroll down to the last section titled, Header and toggle the “Hide Dropdown Menu” on or off. 

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