Add a Section

Your main navigation is the list of pages in your header. Here's an example of a main navigation: 

This guide tells you how to add or delete sections to your main navigation.


To edit, add, or delete the sections which appear in the main navigation, log into your AgentMethods account and click on the  Website tab. You'll automatically refresh to the Manage Pages tab. 

This page will show you all of the individual content pages which comprise your website. The  Sections box on the left are the top level of pages: the tabs which appear on your main navigation bar. 

Add a Section

To add a section, click the black   Add Section box at the top right of the section area. 

This will open a pop-up. Fill out the information for your new section, then click Save Section.

Want to hide a section from your main navigation? Toggle on Hide from Public Menu on the pop-up. 

Edit or Delete a Section 

To edit or delete a section that already exists, simply click the pencil or garbage icon to the right of the section title. 

NOTE: When you delete a section, all of its contents will also be deleted! This means any sub-pages that exist within that section. 

Move a Section

If you'd like to change the order of how your sections appear in the main navigation, use the box icon on the right of a section title to drag and drop the order of your sections. 

Hide a Section

You may want to hide a section of your website from the public menu. To do this, start by clicking the pencil icon to the right of the section.

From the pop-up that appears, click the   Hide From Public Menu checkbox. 

Then, click the green  Save Section button to save your changes. 

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