Set Up Redirect Links

Redirect links are useful if you have an old marketing website with the same domain name. In general, the AgentMethods support team will handle the redirect process for you during onboarding. 

We will create redirect links from your old pages, and tell Google where to find the new versions of the pages on the current website. That way, if a customer clicks on an old version of your website they will automatically be redirected to the new page. 


Set Up Redirect Links 

Redirect links can be set up in the Site Settings page on the platform. Start by clicking  Website in the left-hand navigation of the AgentMethods platform. 

This will take you to the website builder! From here, simply click on  Site Settings on the top navigation bar. 

You'll be redirected to the site settings page. From here, you can edit all of the sections in this guide. 

If you'd like to add a redirect link, start by typing in the "old" page name in the first box. 

A dropdown will appear in the second box. Select the new AgentMethods page that you'd like to redirect to, then save your changes. 

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