Connecting Your Domain to Your Website

Ready to take your site live? Great! All you need to do is point your domain to your site. Below are two options on how to do this.

Option 1: Let us connect your domain

This is probably the most complicated part of setting up your site. If it seems too complicated or you just don't want to worry about it, our team would be happy to connect your domain name. We charge a one-time fee of $25 to connect your domain name. 

If you want us to take care of this, click here to send us a message and we'll help you get up and running. 

In the email please include the following info:

1) What is your domain name?

2) Who is your domain registrar? 

3) What is the your login info at your domain registrar? If your domain is registered with GoDaddy, you do not need to provide login info. Instead you will be sent an email from GoDaddy requesting access to your account.  Once approved, we can connect your domain.

Option 2: Connect you domain on your own

Here are instructions on connecting your domain to your site:

Step 1. Login to your Domain Registrar

Log in to your domain registrar's site. Once there, locate the 'Zone File Settings', 'DNS Manager', 'Host Records', or similar area of your registrar's control panel. 

Step 2. Create a 'CNAME Record'

Once there, you will create records that point your domain to AgentMethods. You'll see fields for the following: 

Host Name Record Type Address

You'll want to create a 'CNAME Record' that points to 

The first record, for (replace with your domain name)

Host Name = www Record Type = 'CNAME' Address =

Step 3. Create an 'A Record'

You will need to create an additional record for your website to work without the 'www'. To do this, create or update the following record: 

*The second record, for (without the www): * 

Host Name = @ Record Type = 'A' Address =

Need instructions on setting up CNAMES with your registrar? Here are step-by-step instructions for some of the major registrars:

Step 4. Link your AgentMethods account to your domain

Now, log back in to your AgentMethods Express account. Go to Site Settings under Manage Your Site and enter your domain name where it asks for 'Domain Name'. 

Step 5. Give the DNS record time to spread across the Internet

It may take up to 72 hours for changes in DNS records to show up, but often they will show up much more quickly. Test your website by trying to visit your domain name in a web browser. If it doesn't work after 72 hours, contact us for help. 

Securing Your Site via SSL

Once your DNS records are updated and your site is live at your domain, our system will automatically configure your site with an SSL.  

Having Problems?

If you are having problems, don't despair! This is the most complicated part of setting up your new site and we're here to help. Drop us an email at and we can help you get up and running for a one-time fee of $25. 

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