Add Quotit Links to Cards

If you use Quotit, you already know the advantages of being instantly able to provide an insurance quote to leads. This can increase your number of warm leads and convert them quickly. 

With AgentMethods, you can connect individual Quotit Epro links with their corresponding product card types on your website. That way, if a customer sees a product card for Life Insurance on your site and clicks the button, then can get a quote quickly. 


Add Quotit Links to Cards

Step 1: Get your Quotit Epro Links 

To add a Quotit link to a product card, you'll first need to copy the individual Quotit link from your account. 

Start by signing into Quotit and selecting Settings at the top of the page. 

Under Website Settings, click on "ePro Consumer Quoting Links."

This will open a list of all of your individual quoting links for various products. 

Find the product you'd like to link to an AgentMethods product card, and copy the URL. 

Step 2: Add Your Quotit Links to Product Cards 

Once you've copied your Quotit URL, you can then add it to a product card. 

Head to the website builder within AgentMethods and navigate to the page you'd like to edit. For most users, this is the homepage. 

Find the product card you'd like to add your Quotit link to, and click on the chain icon on the product card button. 

A pop-up will appear. Navigate to Web Address, then input your Quotit URL in the web address box. 

Don't forget to click the green Save button to save your changes! 

Now, each time a new lead clicks on a product card on your website, they'll be directed to your Quotit Epro form. 

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