Adding a link to an image

Step 1 - Go to the Manage Content Section

Navigate to Website>Manage Site Pages. Select the section of your site where the page that you want to add the link to. Next, choose the page to which you want to add the link.

Step 2 - Edit the Page

You enter into edit mode by clicking on the 'edit' link on the right side. This will open the page up for editing.

Step 3 - Select the Image or Logo that You Want to Be Linked

Find the logo or image that you want to be linked and select it by clicking and dragging your mouse over the text area.

Step 4 - Open the Add Link Window

Click on the picture of the chain link in the toolbar above your page content to open the add link window.

Step 5 - Enter Link Information

Enter the information about the link window. The Link URL is the website address you want to link to including HTTPS://. Target lets you decide if the link opens in the current window or a new window. The title lets you give the link an alternate title besides the link text.

Step 6 - Insert the Link

Once you have entered your link information, click on "Save" to put it on your page.

Step 7 - Save Your Page

Save your page by clicking on the 'Save' button in the lower right corner of the page.

Step 8 - Test Your Link

Visit the page and test the link to make sure it works correctly. If there are problems, you can edit the link by going back to the edit window, reselecting the link text, and clicking on the link icon.

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