Adding Backgrounds and Images

A great way to personalize your website is by adjusting the background of sections of your website. You can do this by using colors from your chosen website theme colors, images from our library, or by uploading an image of your own.

  1. Log into your AgentMethods administrator dashboard at
  2. Click on "Website" on the left-hand side menu.
  3. Click on the "Manage Pages" subsection.
  4. Click on the section you want to edit.
  5. Go to the page you want to edit and click on "Edit Page"

Once the page opens, click on the section where you would like to change the background. A menu will now appear on the right hand side of your screen.

Change Background Color

1. Click on the "Color" tab if you would like to change the background color of the section.  You will be able to choose a color from your chosen website theme.

Add an Image to the Background

1. Click on the "Image" tab and then click on the "Choose Image" tab

Using an Image from our Library

• Click on "Image Library" tab to choose an image from our library.  You can either do a search for an image or you can click on a a tag/tags that will showcase the images in the chosen categories.

• Click on the image you would like to use and the click on "Save" 

Using Your own Image

• Click on "Custom Upload" tab to choose your own image that you can upload from your computer. Any images you upload will be saved here and can be used on any page of your website.

• Click on the image you would like to use and the click on "Save" 

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