Personalize Your Homepage

Your homepage is the main page of your website and most often the first page that visitors will see. Since the bulk of your traffic will land on your homepage, it’s important that you make a good first impression to visitors. 

The AgentMethods platform comes with a homepage template that's ready to use, but we recommend customizing this page for your specific business and client base. 

Within a few seconds, visitors should know what your business has to offer.  


Personalize Your Homepage

You can edit your homepage like any other page on your website using our website builder. Here is a video that walks you through the steps of customizing your homepage.


In general, we recommend paying attention to the following components on your homepage:

  • Images: Choose an image that will resonate with your target audience The images should capture emotion and drive action.
  • Headline: Write a compelling statement that explains your business to your main audience in a few words
  • Call to actions: Entice the visitor to dig deeper and take action
  • Benefits: Not only should visitors know what you do, but also why what you do matters and what sets you apart from everyone else.
  • Product Cards: These display the different products that you offer to clients. 
  • Hero Component: This is the main image and text that appears at the top of your website

Even if they only read your homepage, make sure your audience understands what you do and the core principles behind your business. First impressions can go a long way! 

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