Embed Your Facebook Feed on Your Site

Want to add your Facebook updates to your website? Facebook makes it easy to create an embeddable widget you can add to any page on your AgentMethods website. Just follow these instructions.


Embed Your Facebook Feed

Step 1: Retrieve Your Embed Code

To embed your Facebook page on your AgentMethods account, start by getting your Facebook embed code. 

Visit Facebook's plugin page here 

Input your Facebook page URL in the appropriate box, and type in the width ad height you'd like the embed to be on your AgentMethods website. 

Here are some suggestions:

  • For full width pages, don't go wider than 1140 px
  • For content area with a sidebar, don't go wider than 730 px
  • For sidebars, don't go wider than 350px

A preview box below the editor box will show you what your embed will look like. Once you're happy with the design, click on the blue Get Code box to get your embed code. 

A pop-up will appear. Click on the iFrame tab, then copy the box which appears in the box. This is your embed code! 

Step 2: Input Your Embed Code On Your AgentMethods Website

Once you have your embed code, you can input it on your AgentMethods website. Head to the website builder, and open the editor for the page you'd like to edit. 

You can add your embed code to any text box. Click on the box where you'd like to add the video, and a text editor will appear. 

Click the video icon in the text editor. 

An "Insert/Edit Media" pop-up box will appear.  Click the Embed tab, then paste your video embed in the box. Click the green Save button to save your changes.  

That's it! Your Facebook Embed should now appear on your website. If you're happy with these changes, click the green  Publish Changes button at the top of the website editor. 

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