Updating Your Header and Footer

While your AgentMethods website is made up of components (more about components here), your header and footer are not editable in the same way. To edit the information in your header and footer, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Login to your account

Login to your site at https://app.agentmethods.com

Step 2: Navigate to "Profile Personalization"

Locate your email address in the top right corner of your screen. Click on the account icon and click "Profile Personalization" from the dropdown menu.

Step 3: Update your information

Update any information that you need. 

3a: Inserting a logo

You can upload a logo from the second block of fields on this page. Click "Choose file" and select the correct image from your desktop.
Note: Only jpg, jpeg, and png files are able to be uploaded.

Step 4: Celebrate

High five! You've updated your website!

Have additional questions?

Email support@agentmethods.com with any questions. We're happy to help.

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