Search Engine Optimization Tips and Checklist

AgentMethods websites are built with search engines in mind - they are easy crawled and indexed by search engines. Ultimately, it’s your content, your business, and how you present it that makes the difference in how easily people can find you and your website. 

SEO strategy beyond what is built in to the AgentMethods platform falls outside of the scope of AgentMethods support. Search engine technology frequently changes and every agent's marketing needs are unique. While we're unable to provide specific SEO advice, there are some simple activities we recommend you do to dramatically increase your site’s results in search engines:


Company Name - We show this as part of the title tag on each page. Make sure your company name is something your customers recognize and will search for. This makes sure you will get found when someone refers you to someone else. Often your company name is simply your name (if you people know of you individually) or your agency name (if people know of your agency). 

One common mistake we see is agents trying to invent a brand on their website that doesn’t exist elsewhere - this makes it almost impossible for your customers to find you and dramatically decreases your referrals. 

Show Your Address - Search results are hyper-local. You have a dramatically higher chance of being shown to someone near you than you do to someone across the country. But if search engines aren’t confident of where you are, you lose this opportunity. So make sure you have your current address published and visible on your site. 

Set up Google Analytics - This free tool helps you keep track of your website traffic so you can monitor traffic changes over time. Instructions here. 

Verify your site with Google Search Console - This allows you to control how your site is displayed in search results and gives you insights into how you are being found. You can also direct Google to your site's built-in site map via the Search Console (instructions here).

Redirect moved pages - If you move a page or come to AgentMethods from another platform with different page URLs, create redirects to point visitors from the old page to the new one. This is especially helpful for sites where your old platform used generic page names like “page1.html” as AgentMethods uses keyword rich URLs that provide additional ranking factors. 


Keywords - Use each page to target a small number of related keywords. If you want to target more keywords, consider adding new content. Then, make sure you use the keywords in the page title and naturally throughout the page. Use variations of the phrase as appropriate, and make sure that your content reads naturally and doesn’t appear forced. 

Page Title - Give each page a unique title that includes the keyword and clearly shows what the page is about. Having the keyword you are targeting in a page’s title is the single biggest factor you can influence to show search engines what a page is about. 

Page Description - While page descriptions aren’t generally used as a ranking factor, they do get shown in search results. Think about the description as a one to two sentence ad for why someone would want to see this content. Make the description clear, concise, and catchy. This will lead to a higher number of people clicking on your page (and higher click-through rate is a ranking factor). 

Content - Make sure pages you are targeting have good, informative, and well written content. For pages that are really important to you, aim for 500 or more words. Our content library gives you a great starting point. But if you want to really shine in search results, identify key pages that you modify or rewrite to make the pages unique, keyword rich, and more relevant to you, your audience, and your target keywords. This is especially important for your home page. 

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