Post to all of your social media accounts from one place

Step 1: If you haven't done so already create your LinkedIn and Facebook Business pages.  Or, if you only have a personal Facebook page, we recommend that you create a Business Facebook page. Follow the instructions on Facebook to create the page. 

Once your LinkedIn and Facebook pages are ready, it's time to connect them to your website 

Step 2: Go to your AgentMethods control panel and click on the Social Media tab. Now click on Settings in the right corner. The following page will open so that you can connect to your social media pages. Simply click on each icon and follow the instructions. Once a connection is complete, a green box will appear around each logo. 

Step 3: To install the Sharing Bookmark drag the blue button to your browser's bookmark bar. Then,  you can easily share any web page - just visit the page and then click  on the bookmark. You will be redirected to   this page with everything filled out and ready for posting!      


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