Secure Your Site with HTTPS and SSL

Updated 1 year ago by Aaron Kassover

Want to protect your website from hackers and attract more insurance prospects at the same time? There is a way: migration to a secure site with HTTPS. And we make it easy!

What is HTTPS?

It’s basically a more secure version of your website that protects your clients and prospects from certain kinds of hacking and helps your site rank higher in Google searches.

There are a number of important benefits to HTTPS: 

  •  Keeping your website (and customer information) safe. Switching to HTTPS prevents hackers from being able to “see” the information your clients and prospects enter on your website.
  • Ranking higher on Google. When someone uses Google search, Google gives preference to secure websites over non-secure ones. That means your site will rank higher than comparable non-secure insurance sites.
  • Improving client trust. Clients who use your website want to know that you take their personal information seriously. Switching to HTTPS shows them their confidential information is safe with you.
  • Appearing as more professional. Top businesses are switching to HTTPS because of the added security. It’s quickly becoming the new industry standard for professional websites.
Don’t worry, switching to HTTPS doesn’t mean you’ll have to change your web address or domain name, and any links to your site will work just fine. There are no drawbacks.

How to add HTTPS to Your Site

Setting up HTTPS requires some configuration on our end. To get the process started, send us an email to and let us know you'd like to secure your site. For customers on our Professional and Ultimate plans, there is no additional charge. If you are on another plan, the costs are nominal. Then, we'll work with you to make a change to your domain settings to point to our secure server. It just takes a few minutes and we will help you along the way. 

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