Adding an external link to your website

Updated 1 year ago by Dvora Ivankowski

Adding an external link to your site is an easy three-step process.

Step 1: Determine on what page and where on that page you want the external link.  Once you know where you want the link, click on the LINK icon (see image)

Step 2:  You can hyper link an image or text.
To hyperlink an image first upload the image then simply highlight it, and click on the LINK icon. Once you've done that follow the instructions in Step 3 below.
Step 3: 
To hyper link text, simply highlight the copy and then click on the LINK icon.

In the example below, the words Dental Quote are highlighted. The LINK icon opens up a dialog box where you need to enter your information.

Add your external link to the URL  field and choose New Window in the Target.
Save your work by clicking OK on the bottom of the dialog box.

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