Landing Pages - What They Are and When To Use Them

What is a landing page?

At it’s simplest, a landing page is the page that someone lands on” after clicking on a marketing call to action. Many website owners simply point marketing campaigns back to their website home page or a pre-existing page on their site. 

Smart marketers go a step further and create dedicated landing pages built for the campaign. These landing pages are focused on the specific goal of the campaign and to increase the likelihood that visitors convert, or take take the action you want them to. 

These purpose-built landing pages remove all distractions that might keep someone from converting. This often means no navigation, a unique design, and very specific page layout. 

Here are some common actions insurance agents may want their website visitors to take:

  • Request a quote
  • Download a guide
  • Send you a question
  • Schedule an appointment

When should I use a landing page?

Any time you are directing someone to your site to take a specific action, you should consider using a landing page. This allows you to control the messaging, remove distractions, and optimize the layout to improve your success rate. Here are a few specific examples:

Email campaigns - If you ever send out an email asking people to take a action, you should link to a landing page.

Social media - Share landing pages for quotes, consultations, and informational giveaways via social media. It’s an easy way to get leads very inexpensively. 

Search engine advertising and pay-per-click advertising - Online advertising is complicated and competitive. Make sure you are creating landing pages for each campaign to optimize your conversion rate and get the best return for your advertising dollar. 

Response to direct mail - Don’t put your home page on direct mail. Instead, direct them to a landing page. This allows you to better track response rates and improves your results. 

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