How to Edit or Create Your Own Email

Updated 4 months ago by Dvora Ivankowski

Before you begin, take the time explore this tool. We touched on the highlights in these instructions and there is much you can do with our robust email marketing tool.

Step 1: Either choose one of our emails to edit or you create your own. The process is the same for both.

Step 2: Creating an email from scratch

Start with the Subject Line. Remeber to make this interesting so that your audience wants to read the entire email.

Step 3: Work top down, starting with an image or headline

Step 4: Add a photo from your computer; add copy and then save your work.

Step 5: You can add several different blocks of copy. You can choose if you wnat to use one, two or three columns. Just drag and drop the the layout you want to use in your email.

Now add your CALL TO ACTION. Encourage your audience to get that quote or set up an appointment.

Step 6: Get ready to send you email

  1. Don't forget to save your work often
  2. Preview your email to see what changes you thing it needs
  3. Send yourself a test email to make sure all the links work
  4. Finally, schedule your email

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