What's Included in the Monthly Fee

Launching your new website is the tip of the iceberg. Once your site is live, it needs to be hosted, backed up, secured, updated, and refreshed. If you build and manage a site yourself, this is normally your responsibility. Prepare to write your copy, update security patches, and troubleshoot themes. The time and cost involved are hidden at first add up and but can be significant.

Heard about 'free' website software? Take a look at this list published by Wordpress showing the monthly activities you'll need to do just to keep their 'free software' updated. 

Part of the beauty of the AgentMethods service is that we take all of this work and expense off your hands. No hidden costs. No huge time loss. You can sleep easy knowing that your site maintenance is taken care of.

Here are some of the details that we take care of:


  • High quality hosting
  • Hourly backups
  • Security patches
  • Spam filtering
  • SSL certificate

Similar hosting infrastructure for a Wordpress site costs $115/month! (Go ahead, check it out)


  • Quickly expand into new lines of business with our content library
  • Access to photos and call-outs to put on your pages
  • Easily update your site with our custom site management platform that was built from the ground up specifically for insurance agents
  • Regular content updates as products, markets, and regulations (we're looking at you, CMS!) change


  • Access to phone and email support
  • Work with an insurance website specialist that understands your business 

Advanced Functionality:

  • Create custom contact forms with our drag-and-drop form builder
  • Capture more leads with our built-in lead pop-ups
  • Time your follow-ups with our visitor alerts system
  • SMS notification of leads and visitors

Updates and Enhancements

  • We are continually adding new features and capabilities to our platform
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