How long until you see SEO results?

Why is SEO not instantaneous?

Getting a practice’s website to the top of search results for a given keyword phrase for Google, Yahoo & Bing is not instantaneous. It takes Google time to crawl and index the information on your site to determine the relevance of your content to the searchers that are looking for it. Search engines also rank websites based on multiple factors, and no one digital marketing method alone will rocket your website up to the top of search results and keep it there indefinitely. 

What accounts for variations in performance?

All agents who join AgentMethods benefit from the same underlying tools, technology, and service. Yet the SEO results vary greatly from agent to agent. Some see a rapid rise in search engine visibility and website leads within the first 90 days. Other agents take 18 months to see results. It's important to understand that every agent begins with their own unique circumstances that affect results beyond what is provided by AgentMethods. 

There are a few reasons for this variation in the speed of success.

1. Pre-existing factors - Some agents come to us with an already well defined online presence and established online profiles. These agents will generally see their rankings move up more quickly because they are already indexed and recognized by search engines. 

2. Your market - The market you sell to, both in terms of product and demographics, defines your competition. A large market generally means more competition, while a small market means less opportunity. Every agent's market is different, which means that what works or happens for one agent may not be the best course of action for you. 

3. Following search engine optimization best practices - Search engine rankings do not happen by accident, or without doing work. Take advantage of the resources we provide to help you understand how SEO works and to position your site to help search engines recognizing what they should show your business for. 

4. "Doing the work" to claim your online listings and backlinks - Simply put, agents who do the work see results, and agents who don't do the work, don't see results. If search engine optimization is an important part of your strategy, make sure you invest the time in educating yourself and optimizing your site. 

We have found that the three primary reasons for variations are due to pre-existing factors, ongoing best practices, and marketing add-ons.

  1. Pre-existing Factors: One of the biggest reasons for variation in performance is that each practice comes in with different “pre-existing” factors that influence their online marketing and search engine performance. For example, practices who join PatientPop with a strong online reputation and high search engine rankings may see results faster than practices without any online reviews or poor rankings. Prior to launch, PatientPop conducted a web audit and health score analysis for you to assess your pre-existing factors.
  2. Ongoing Best Practices: Practices that utilize our Best Practice Recommendations often see results faster. You can find even more details in our What to Expect With PatientPop guide which is linked here
  3. Marketing Add-ons: Finally, it’s also important to understand that while the Foundation package provides the fundamental base tools for you to grow organically, PatientPop offers additional marketing add-ons for practices who want to see more accelerated performance results.
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