Preparing for your Onboarding Call

If you have recently signed up for AgentMethods but don't have your first onboarding call scheduled yet, you can select a time via our online calendar here.

Your onboarding calls are your fast track to the AgentMethods implementation process. During the calls, our team will collect guide you on how to use the AgentMethods dashboard to customize your online presence, control your social media, and launch marketing campaigns. 

A member of our customer success team will host the calls, which will take approximately one hour. Anyone on your team who will be involved in your website is welcome to attend — including your office manager, office assistant, other agents within your agency, or anybody who runs marketing for you.

Here’s how to prepare to ensure a successful call.

1. Before the Call: 

Make sure your account is created, you've gone through the account setup process, and have explored your account. Write down any questions that come up. 

2. Collect Digital Login Information

To launch your site, we will need access to your domain and other online services.  Please gather the login information (usernames or emails and passwords) for the following:

  • Your domain registrar
  • Google My Business
  • Yelp
  • Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (If you have purchased Agent or Super Agent accounts)

3. Create a List of Customer and Prospect Emails (Agent and Super Agent accounts)

In order to use our email newsletter and email campaigns, we will need a list of emails to send to. Start organizing your contact list in one place (such as a word document or spread sheet) so we can easily import it. Don't worry if you don't have a lot of contacts - you can easily add more contacts over time. 

4. Gather Your Team in a Private, Quiet Place for the Kick-off Call

We will use a web-meeting to conduct the call. Look for a link to the meeting in your email shortly before the call begins. You'll want to make sure you are in a quiet place with a computer connected to the Internet for the call. For audio, you can either use the mic and speakers in your computer or call into a conference line that is specified when you connect to the web meeting. 

5. Questions? We're here to help! Email us at at any time. 

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