Adding an Image or Logo to Your Email Campaign

Adding images to your email campaigns is a great way to customize them. For example, you might want to put your logo on the top of a campaign. Here are instructions on how to do this:

First, you'll want to select an email campaign or create your own. Once you reach the "Edit Email" step, you can add images. 

Step 1 - Drag a "Layout" section from the right column onto the section of the email where you want the image to go. You can Use a 100% width section, or one of the other sections if you want to mix images and other content, such as buttons or text. 

Step 2 - Click where it says "Click here to add contents" to choose what to add, and then choose "image". Then click on "Choose File" to upload it.

Step 3 - Additional options.You can further refine the image a few ways:

  • Adjust image placement. The image can be left, right, and center justified. You can also stretch it to fill the space of the section.
  • Add a URL. Paste in a URL to a web page or click to include the campaign landing page. 
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