Resending a Campaign

If you have contacts that didn't open an email campaign, or have added new contacts since you sent the campaign, you may want to resend it. This is a great way to improve the results of a campaign. 

AgentMethods email campaigns can be resent to your entire list, people who didn't open it previously (this will include new contacts), or people who didn't click on links in the campaign previously.

How to resend a campaign:

1. Go to your email campaigns dashboard

2. Choose the campaign you want to resend and click "Setup"

3. On the the "Select Your Campaign Screen", click on "Resend Past Campaign" directly above the category selector. This will show you a list of sent campaigns. 

4. Click "Resend" on the campaign you want to resend. 

5. A scheduling window will appear. Choose the date and time to send the email, and then select who the campaign should go to.

6. Click "Schedule"

A few notes about resending campaigns:

  • Resending campaigns sends them exactly as they were sent before. If you want to edit a campaign or landing page, you'll need to send a new campaign.
  • The resent campaign is scheduled in one of your two monthly email 'slots'. 
  • We've often seen the second send of a campaign outperform the first, as it reminds your contacts who wanted to respond but forgot to take action.
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