Integrate your insurance website with AgencyBloc

Connect your website to AgencyBloc's CRM and take advantage of all of the lead tracking, CRM, and automation features built into AgencyBloc. Setting it up is easy - just follow these steps:

Step 1. Contact AgencyBloc at to get your "Lead Post URL"

Step 2. Login to your AgentMethods account and go to Contact Forms

Step 3: Decide which form you want to integrate, then open it in the form editor. You can create a new form, modify your contact forms, or copy and modify a public form (see Editing a Form for more details).

Step 4: With the form editor open, select "Form Settings" on the right side of the screen. Then under CRM Integration, select "AgencyBloc".  

Step 5: Map your form fields to AgencyBloc.

  • A window will open asking to specify how you want the fields mapped into AgencyBloc. 
  • For each field you want sent over, choose the corresponding field in AgencyBloc from the drop down menu. 
  • The first time you map a form, you'll also enter the "Lead Post URL" you got from AgencyBloc.
  • "First Name" and "Last Name" are required. If they have not been mapped when you click "Save and Continue", they will be added to your form.

Step 6: Save your Form. 

Step 7. Add the form to the pages you want it to appear on by editing that page. 

Step 8 (Optional). You can set other values, such as "Type". Just create a "hidden" element on your form, set the name to the field you want to update in AgencyBloc and the value to what you want it set us. For example, you can create a hidden field named "type" with value "prospect" to set the lead type to prospect in AgencyBloc.

You are now ready to have leads sent directly into AgencyBloc! To learn more about the power of automation within AgencyBloc, view these resources.

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