Editing a Form

You can easily create or edit a customized forms to use on quote pages, contact us pages, recruiting pages, and more. 

To set up a new form or to edit a form, log in your AgentMethods account and then navigate to Website > Contact Forms. Then follow these instructions.

1. To customize a form, begin by copying the form that is closest to what you need.

  • Decide what changes you want to make

2. You can edit the name of the form to meet your specific needs

3. To add a field, simply bring the desired field from the right column into your form and then make your edits. We have different types of fields to meet your various needs. Don't forget to save the change to each field.

4.  To edit the auto response to your form  Click on the Form Settings field, then edit your message. Once you are happy with the message save your changes by clicking on the Save Contact Form button in the top right corner. 

5. If you want a visitor to download a brochure or checklist, click on Form Settings in the right corner and upload your file. Save your work.

5. Once you have modified the form to meet your needs, save all the changes by clicking on  Save the Contact Form at the top right corner.

6. IMPORTANT - Finally, you'll need to edit the page you want the form on and replace the previous form with the one you just created.

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