How to add a Lead Pop-up

To add a Lead Pop-Up to your site follow these steps:

Step 1: Click on Goodies

Step 2: Select New Lead Pop-Up

Step 3:  Give your form a name (IE: Home page) and Choose Lead Pop-Up placement

Step 4: Fill out the content fields (make sure to fill out all fields)

Step 5: Choose which pages and sections you would like this Pop-Up to show on:

Step 6: Choose how long a visitor is on the page before the Pop-Up appears (IE: 5 seconds)

Step 7: Select or de-select whether you want to save lead information to your lead list:

Step 8: Select or de-select whether you want to send your lead a helpful guide. (Such as "Why you need Life Insurance to protect your family")  If you select it, you will need to fill out all of the content fields (IE: From, Subject and Message as well as the upload file option.):

Step 9: Select the Submit button:

Step 10: View your live site to confirm you see the Pop-Up!

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