Simple Tips for Showing up in Search Engines

It's true that people need to find your site for it to be useful. No matter where you create your site, showing up and optimizing the site for search engines takes time. Depending on many factors, it may take 4 to 24 weeks for a site to start showing up in Google's index. So if you launched your site yesterday, you're not going to find it in search results today. But if you give it some time, it will begin to appear.

The basic rule for search engines is that if you do things online to promote your site to people, search engines will see that and show your site in their results. There are a few things you can do to help the process along:

  1. Give your site a domain. Putting your site at its own domain gives it its own identity, which helps people remember it, find it, and also shows that it is a destination of its own. You can set up a domain for your AgentMethods site on the account tab.
  2. Get people to link to your site. Search engines look at links from other sites as "votes of confidence". If your site has no inbound links, they know this and will exclude you from search results. Start with people you do business with, and then look for local and national business directories.
  3. Update your page titles to include words you think people will use when searching for you. You can edit the title of your site by changing 'site name' on the personalize tab and you can edit the title of each page by editing a page in the manage content tab. When thinking about search words - be specific to the type of insurance and the location people are searching in. Nobody cares about finding an agent selling insurance in a different state.
  4. Add content to your site. Our library is a great place to start, but consider editing the pages or adding content of your own. Search engines rank new and unique content higher, so by creating content, you'll not only be helping your site visitors, you'll be improving your search engine ranking.
  5. Promote your site. Put it on your business cards, letterhead, direct mail letters, email signature. People will look at it and share it. A professional, working site will help establish trust with your prospects, making them more likely to buy from you (and a broken site will do the opposite).

Your AgentMethods website is an invaluable tool for the long-term. The longer you have it, the more it will help you. Many agents are making a LOT of money off of their web sites, but it didn't happen overnight. So take the time to invest in your site and you will see it pay off over time.

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