Integrate with Zoho CRM

AgentMethods now integrates with Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is an online Sales CRM software that manages your sales, marketing and support in one CRM platform. Paired with the power of AgentMethod's marketing tools, you can quickly convert leads and manage existing clients to grow your business. 

By integrating Zoho CRM with your AgentMethods account, you can: 

  • Import and update your Zoho CRM contacts in AgentMethods
  • See AgentMethods marketing activity within Zoho CRM
  • Automatically send out marketing emails to Zoho CRM contacts

Sync your contacts across platforms and keep up to date on what your leads are doing, when they're doing it! This helps you make smarter decisions and ensure no leads "fall through the cracks".

Connect to Your Zoho CRM account

Start by clicking the Integrations tab on the far left navigation within the AgentMethods platform. Then, click the black Settings button within the Zoho CRM integration box. 

This will open the Zoho CRM integration settings. Click the green Connect Zoho CRM button at the top of your page. 

This will redirect you to sign into your Zoho CRM account.

After signing in, a page will appear to give you permission to share Zoho CRM data with AgentMethods. Click the green Accept button.

The screen will refresh back to your AgentMethods integration page.

Congrats! You've successfully connected your Zoho CRM account. You'll receive an email when the integration is ready to complete set-up, but this usually only takes a minute or two.

Integration Settings

Once you've successfully connected your Zoho CRM account, you can head back over to your AgentMethods integration page to finish setting up the integration.

Import Settings

Under the Zoho CRM integrations page, you can edit import settings for Zoho CRM data coming into AgentMethods.

Here, you can choose the segments of leads that you'd like to import from Zoho CRM to your AgentMethods account. 

You can filter leads by checking boxes in the following categories:

  • Contacts: By checking these boxes, you can import contacts based on Zoho CRM contact owners.
  • Lead Status: Import contacts based on their lead status in Zoho CRM.

If you'd like to import all contacts, you can leave these settings blank.

Once you've filtered down the contacts that you'd like to import, press the green Save and Import Contacts button at the bottom of the page.

Note: Contacts will not be imported until you press the Save and Import Contacts button again

On the Contacts page, you can see these contacts with Zoho CRM listed as the "Source".

Export Settings

The import settings collect valuable contact information from Zoho CRM and adds it to your AgentMethods account. 

However, this integration is bidirectional, which means that AgentMethods also sends marketing information to Zoho CRM about contact activity.

Within Zoho CRM, you can see if a client has read your newsletter, visited your website, and more. 

You can edit which information you'd like to send to Zoho CRM by scrolling to  Export Settings on the integration page.

You can send Zoho CRM: 

  • New lead form submissions 
  • Other marketing activity data (email, website, and other social media activity

Then, click the green Save and Import Contacts button to save your integration settings. 

Update Contacts

While the steps above will import your contacts into AgentMethods, they will not continuously update. If you add contacts or edit a contact description in Zoho CRM, this will not update automatically in AgentMethods. 

To keep your contacts up to date, head to the Zoho CRM integration page every so often, scroll down, and click the green  Save and Import Contacts button.

That's it! Your contacts will quickly be updated inside of AgentMethods. 

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