Your Dashboard

When you log into your AgentMethods account, you'll be directed to your Dashboard. If you're new to AgentMethods, this dashboard might be blank– that's ok!

As you use AgentMethods for more marketing activities, your Dashboard will become your way to stay up to date on everything going on with your business. 

About Your Dashboard

The dashboard will show items such as: 

  • Blogs: AgentMethods will automatically add valuable blog posts to your account at regular intervals, based on the content categories that you select. Each time a blog is posted, you'll be notified on your dashboard. 
  • Campaigns: Each time a new marketing email campaign is sent out, we'll let you know on your dashboard. 
  • Newsletters: AgentMethods sends out a monthly newsletter to all of your contacts. 
  • Social Media Posts: AgentMethods posts relevant, timely social media posts to your LinkedIn and Facebook channels. The dashboard will show each of these posts, as well as a link to each post. 
  • Web Leads: Each time a new lead fills out a form on your contact page, you'll be notified on your dashboard. 

Filter Your Dashboard

If you'd like to filter your dashboard by a certain activity (for example, web leads), or time period, you can do so through the dropdown menus above your dashboard. 

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