Manage Lead Notifications

Whenever someone fills out a new form on your website, a lead is generated. Lead notifications notify you whenever a new lead is created.  This section lets you customize your lead notifications. 


To manage lead notifications, you'll want to head to your Site Settings page. Start by clicking Website in the left-hand navigation of the AgentMethods platform. 

This will take you to the website builder! From here, simply click on Site Settings on the top navigation bar. 

You'll be redirected to the site settings page. From here, you can edit all of the sections in this guide. Scroll down to the Lead Notification section. 

Email Leads To 

Here, you can customize which email addresses receive lead notifications. 

Click Add Email and type in the email address you'd like to send lead notifications to. 

To delete an email, click the red trash icon to the right of the email. 

Send Text Messages

Turn this toggle switch on if you'd like to receive lead notifications to your mobile phone. A box will appear, where you can add your mobile phone number. 

Secure Form Fields 

By default, AgentMethods will email and optionally text you all lead information submitted via your quote forms. Because quote forms often collect sensitive customer information, including personally identifiable information ("PII") and personal health information ("PHI"), it is important to take precautions to secure this information.

You can opt to  not have information submitted via your quote forms sent to you, and instead receive an email or text message notifying you of the new lead, with a link to log in and retrieve the information. 

To do this, toggle the Secure Form Fields button on. This will automatically secure every form on your site, protecting all client information. 

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