Elements of your Home Page

The home page of your site is your chance to make a bold first impression. We've created your home page layout based on a proven design that works to focus your visitors toward your most important action while introducing your site navigation to help them find what they are looking for. Updating your home page to fit you and the way you sell will go a tremendous way toward making your site fit you.

Take a few minutes to get to know your home page and what you can customize.

Hero Image - At the heart of your home page is a large, impactful hero image. This image is responsive, meaning it adjusts to fit the size and shape of the browser window it is being shown on. You can either choose an image from our library or upload your own to reflect the market or location that you serve.

Call To Action - Above the image is a single "headline" or call-to-action. Use this to make a strong, clear statement about what you offer. Beneath it is a button that visitors click on to take action. This might be "learn more", "get a quote", "contact us now", or some other action-oriented text. 

Call-outs - Beneath the hero image and call to action, you can present additional call-outs that link to key pages on your site. Put the pages that you think are most useful here. To update this list, go to your "site settings" page and add or remove pages to the "Home Photo Callouts" list.

Content - Welcome your visitors here and tell them how you help. Don't be afraid to go into detail. More content can be good.

Your Image - Use this optional space to put a photo of yourself, your team, your office, your office pet, or whatever else you see fit.

Want to see how it all fits together? A picture is worth a thousand words!

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