Editing the Home Page

Step 1: Begin by editing the Page Title:

  1. Think about what you want there, such your agency name or your focus area.
  2. Complete the Page Description. This will not appear on your website but is the copy that people will see when they conduct their searches on various search engines. Include your name or company name, phone number, and your area of focus.

Step 2: Customize Your Call to Action

  1. Give your website's home page hero image a headline that stands out
  2. Write a strong Call to Action Button and link it to a contact form (4) for people to complete
  3. Click on the arrow to choose a photo from our library that is a good match for your site

Step 3: Edit Your Home Page Content

  1. Edit the home page copy to make it your own. Include the name of your agency, the type of products you sell and, if possible, the geographic area that you service
  2. If you have a professional quality photo of yourself, add that to the home page
  3. If you have a great photo your want to use as the hero image, such as your skyline or an outdoors shot, instead of one from our library, go ahead and use that.  The photo will need to be 1940 x 1080 pixels.

Step 4: Add Call Outs below the Hero Image to key pages on your website Beneath the hero image and call to action,  you can present additional call-outs that link to key pages on your site. To update this list, go to the Site Settings page.  Add or remove pages to the  Home Photo Call outs list. Put the pages that you think are most useful here.

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