Creating a Home Page With a Form Over the Banner Image

To create a home page with a form over the large banner image follow these steps.

Step 1: Go to Add a Blank Page and choose the Homepage with Form template

  1. If you are using this for your Homepage, make sure you are working in the Home section
  2. Create your new home page by completing the information below, including choosing an image from our library (we have chosen images that will accommodate a form on the right side); as with all our pages you can always make changes at a later date.
  3. Now, add your main copy 

Step 2: Once you chosen the image for the page and added the copy to the page SAVE YOUR WORK so that you can create a new form for home page

Step 3: To create the form or customize an existing form, go to on the Contact Forms tab at the top of your Admin Panel. Choose a simple form such as Contact Us to edit, so that it meets your needs. Again don't forget to SAVE YOUR WORK.  Keep the form short. You don't want it to take up too much room on your home page or overwhelm site visitors.

Step 4: Now that you have your form is complete, go back to your new home page and choose your form. You can also choose the color of the form background (as you can see below). 
Go to or some other site that has an HTML color chart to choose a color that will compliment your website.  Use the RGB formula, making sure you complete the field as shown below.

Step 5: SAVE YOUR WORK again and take a look at your new page. Remember you can continue to tweak it as often as you like. 

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