How to Change Your Quotit Epro License ID

NOTE: This article applies to Quotit Web Express Customers Only. 

When you signed up for your Express website, you entered your ePro license number. This number is provided to you by Quotit and is different from your agent license, NPN, or other ID number. We use this number to create the ePro quoting links on your website. If you need to change or update this number, follow these steps:

First, get your ePro number from Quotit.

Step 1 - Log into your Quotit account by going to

Step 2 - Clicks on SETTINGS

Step 3 - Under website settings, click on "ePro Consumer Quoting Links"

Step 4 - On the ePro Consumer Quoting Links page, you will see a series of website URLs. Each url ends with text similar to "license_no=ABCDEFG". The information after the equals sign (in the example, it is ABDCEFG) is your Epro license number. Copy that number.

Then, update your AgentMethods Express website.

Step 5 - Login to your AgentMethods control panel and navigate to your Website > Site Settings. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and paste your ePro license number into the correct field at the bottom of the page and click save.

This will update your site. Visit the site to confirm that the Quotit ePro is displaying correctly. 

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