Adding Components to your Site

The Component editor is a great way to customize and add content to your website. There are many different types of components available and they can be added to any page of your website.

Written instructions on using the Component editor:

Adding Components

  1. Log into your AgentMethods administrator dashboard at
  2. Click on "Website" on the left-hand side menu.
  3. Click on the "Manage Pages" subsection.
  4. Click on the section you want to edit.
  5. Go to the page you want to edit and click on "Edit Page"

6. Once the page opens, click anywhere on the page and a green outline and a tab labelled "+ New Component" will appear.  Click on the tab

7. Now choose one of the Component sections available to your page from the top bar

Once you choose a Component, you will be given different design options. Click on the design option you want on your site.

This example shows adding a "Call to Action" Component.

8. Now the Component is added to your site.

Click on the new Component that has been added and make any edits to the content.

9. Adjust the background of the Component by clicking on "Background" on the right hand side of the page.  You can choose one of the color options or you can add an image.

10. Move or delete the Component by choosing one of the icons on upper right hand side of page

11. Don't forget to Save your edits!

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