How To Change Your Business Name & Hide Your Address On Your Website

Whether you have changed your business name and need to update that on your website, or if you're working out of your home office and need to hide the visibility of your address from the public on your website, we've got you covered! 

In this two minute video tutorial, our support team member Hope, will guide you through how to make both of these vital changes in no time at all. 

Watch our tutorial here:

And for our clients who are unable to view the video, that's no problem at all. Please feel free to read over these instructions below.

[For clients who need to change their business name] 

1) Sign into your AgentMethods Administrator Dashboard for your new website. 

2) Once you're in your Admin dashboard, look over to the top, right-hand side of the page -- you'll notice that your email address is seen there. Click on that email address, and a drop down menu should appear.

3) Click on the "Profile Personalization" option.

4) On your Profile Personalization page, you'll notice at the top that you'll see the "Business Details" section. In that section, you should see "Business Name." If you're only changing your business name, just change it there in that box, scroll to the bottom of the page and hit "Save." You should be able to refresh your website (which should be open in a separate tab on your browser), and see that your business name is officially changed on your website! Congratulations, you did it! 

[Now, if you only need to hide the visibility of your business address, please keep reading.]

5) On your Profile Personalization page, you'll scroll down a little bit and see the "Address 1" section. In that section, you should see an option to "Hide Address 1" with a drop down menu attached to it. The default setting, will be set to "No." So in the case where you would like to hide your address, simply click on that same drop down menu and select "Yes." 

6) Once you've selected the "Yes" option, scroll to the very bottom of the Profile Personalization page and click "Save." From there, you should go to the tab that has your website open in your browser and refresh the page. If it worked, your address will now be hidden from public view! 

If at any time, you're having issues trying to get either of these options to work correctly, simply send the support staff an email and we'll be happy to assist you further with this inquiry! Our support email address is:

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