When Can Insurance Agents Expect SEO Results after Website Launch?

Always keep in mind SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. 

Google and other search engines’ primary goal is to show the best possible selection of web pages for a given search to the given searcher. One of the big challenges they face in achieving this goal is that there are constantly website owners trying to manipulate the results to get their site higher, even if it isn’t the right result to show. 

To combat this problem, search engines move slowly when bringing in new web pages or re-ranking based on sudden changes. This keeps people from “gaming” the system, but it also means that it is going to take a little work and patience before you will see results.

How long will it take? Whether you are starting from scratch with a new site, launching a redesign, or making minor adjustments, it can take six months for your site to get fully re-crawled and added to the search engine’s index. If your domain is brand new or has little authority (i.e. other sites linking to it), it can take even longer.  

While that may come as bad news, there is good news.

Once your site establishes authority and gets ranked, you’ll see results grow exponentially over time. As you show search engines that you and your website are credible and are around for the long haul, they will reward you with increased trust and confidence, resulting in more pages ranking for more search phrases. 

As an insurance professional that is in the business for the long-haul, this slow ranking ultimately protects and benefits you. Lead vendors, scammers, and those looking for a quick buck are constantly trying to game the system and steal your prospects away from you (often just so they can resell them to you for their profit). Because search engines move slowly, it makes it challenging (and often outright not possible) for these short term players to sneak in.  

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