Edit Your Home Page

Want to change the image at the top of your home page? You have access to a built-in library of images that you can choose from. To change the image, follow these steps:

1. Login to your site at https://app.agentmethods.com

2. Go to the "Manage Site Pages" section by clicking "Website" and then "Manage Pages" from the left navigation.

3. Locate your home page by clicking on "Home" under sections, and then locate the top page in the list in the large white box to the right side of the screen. The first row under "Page" is your home page (it may be titled something different, depending on which express program you have set up).

4. Open the page editor by clicking on "Edit Page" In the row of your home page, 

This will open the Home Page in the editor. In the editor, your home page is broken down to "components". You edit one component at a time by clicking on it to activate it, and then clicking on the content you want to change. You can tell which component is active by the green box around it. 

Each component has settings to the right side of the screen. The available settings vary by component. 

Additionally, you can set the background for each component to be either a color or image by clicking "Background" on the right side of the screen. The, click on "Color" or "Image" to adjust the corresponding setting. 

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