Adding an Image to Page on Your Website

Adding an Image to Page on Your Website

Adding an photo is a great way to personalized your website and add some individualized depth to the pages. Adding an image is an easy two-step process.

To begin make sure you know the picture you want to make. You don't want it too big. A good size to fit across the content area is about 480 x 268 pixels

Step 1: Choose the page where you want to add the image, know what image you want to add and where it is located on your computer.

  • Click on the Photo Icon on the Tool Bar. This will open a new dialogue box.

Step 2: Upload the photo

Click on the photo icon in the dialogue box.  Then choose the photo you want to upload to your page. 

 Step 3: What if the photo is too large for the space?

Additional trick to try

You can link the image to another page on the website or to an external page. If you do that make sure you Target a New Window so that your site visitor also continues to stay on your website

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